Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bert.. Madonna Called.. she wants child support!!

Madonna's Daughter has a uni brow.. wow.. its huge.. I have seen many pics of her on the Internet and yes, she is a darling little girl, Beautiful like her Mama.. but holy crap. They should have cast her to play a young Freda Kahlo!!!

Whats Wrong with you Madonna.. I'm sure you can afford a good waxing!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Worst Diet Day... Thus far!!

I am literally dying with a headache today. I ended up caving and having a coffee.. I just couldn't stand it any longer, Headache went away for a short while. Now it's back!!

I starting eating a soup.. the sacred heart soup.. its apparently really low in calories.. and yummy.. it actually is yummy.. I was up until 1:30 in the morning making it just last night!! Apparently if you eat just the soup and fruits and veggies.. you will lose between 10-17 pounds in a week!!! ( I'm down with that)

If you want more specifics on the diet click on sacred heart soup

So I am not doing the entire diet.. just eating the soup cuase its Zero calories!!

Why can't We all just be able to eat whatever and stay trim.. its not fair!! Why isn't society like it used to be. I mean.. like old painting.. you see an old painting.... you don't see some skinny ass chick with perfectly round ta-ta's. You see a voluptous woman with Curves.. Not that I want to look like that.. I just wish it wasn't so taboo to be " bigger"!! I really just care to shed my fat around my mid section.

Why can't we all just eat a big fat juicy burger and stay skinny like Paris Hilton

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snap Happy

Well.. I love Photography.. Ever since the days of being 8 years old with my mom's old Instamatic shit camera. I would set up my dolls, barbies, My little pony's.. whatever. My personal favorite was a still-life shoot of my smurfette purse! At the time my mom used to get mad at me, saying I was wasting her film and flash cubes.. ( old school) but I guess she didn't reolize that was she was seeing was an artist in the making. ( she's old school)

I continued to have a keen interest in photography pretty much my whole childhood and actually took Fine Arts for the sole reason of photography. I grew to love it even more when I got my hand 0n my first Manuel Camera, Pentax K1000. Its probably considered a piece of shit these days but I still think it takes the most lovely pictures! I have a half assed Canon now. Its a Canon A560. Takes Kick ass pictures though. ( the ones in this post have all been taken with it) I really would love to get a Nikon D80!! Actually I would settle for the D40x!!! ( hint hint Santa)

So here are some of my photos I am most proud of at the moment. They have all been taken within the last year. I am trying hard to get back at it... I'm a little slack in the art department lately!!

Here is my Top 10!

1. Taken at Signal Hill, St. John's Newfoundland. ( opposite side of Cabot Tower)06/07

2. Same as above but taken a little further back. 06/07

3. Quidi Vidi facing Signal Hill. 06/07

4. Weird Purple acorn-ish buds on and around Signal Hill. 06/07

5. Little yellow flower taken at Signal hill. 06/07

6. Boat in St. John's Harbour.. Taken from a floating dock facing signal hill. 08/07

7. I call this one "Harbour Dance" . Taken the same as above. I turned down the speed... Its unconventional but I love it!

8. The Long Time Friendship Rainbow Strikes again!! This was taken at Middle Cove beach. I brought my old friend Dave there during his recent visit to St. John's. He hadn't been home to Newfoundland in a long time. This awesome rainbow appeared.. Just like when I saw my bestest friend viki for the first time in 3 years!! Maybe it was Mr. Duffenais Again!! Taken 10/07

9. Kenobi!!! This is one of the shots I took for my husbands band. I played around with this one in a photo editor.. loves it!! 09/07

10. Here is another Kenobi Shot!! 09/07

Hope you enjoyed viewing as much as i enjoyed snapping!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl all year.. This year I would like it if you bring me the following items. I found pictures of all I want to make things a little easier on you. XOXO

First on my list, LG Chocolate Cell.. I don't care if its green.. white would be nice too.. But I really do love the green...

Next, A chi Straightener!! I know I am getting this.. I ordered it myself..hehe

Third, A pair of Blue leather gloves.. these shown aren't exactly what I want.. They ones I want are Royal Blue and at Le Chateau.. they are a little longer too!

Forth.. A Cuisinart Blender... Smoothies!!!!!! yeah!!

Fifth.. Melrose Place season 3!!

And last.. a new black dressy coat!!

I will leave some milk and cookies for you.. and also some carrots for your Reindeer..Please Don't forget all the little poor children in the world santa...

Remember when it was that easy!!


Georgous Shots

Some lovely shots I found that I think are just Beautiful..

Sorry to whoever owns them out there.. I would say who you were if I knew.. I just googled Nice Pics and found them.. But I am claiming they are NOT mine!! Thanks!!

Isn't this awesome!! beautiful...!! and very very my style..I would love to have a 16x20 of it to hang in my house.. loves it!

Ok.. this is where I want to live!! ok.. I would settle for just a tour! I wonder if its real??

.. And lastly.. Marilyn!!


Tuesday Morning Blues....

Not the best start to a morning.. waking up at 7:35 when you have to get 2 kids ready for school and have to be at work yourself by 8:30.. Not fun!! So my husband turned off the alarm once again this morning and fell back asleep without waking me!! Thanks! He had to be at work for 8!! lets just say he didn't get there til 8:30!! but I was on time.. and surprisingly I look put together this morning.. No makeup but I threw on some gloss and thats enough.. I just dimmed the lights in my office so I am sure no one will notice!

So things are going good here at work. I guess.. I have a new boss who is giving me lot of extra tasks.. I was feeling like I was losing my skills you know.. Now I have some new ones to add. My old boss was really bad at asking me to do anything. I think he had serious social issues when it came to young women.. I would hear him around the corner talking to the old ladies and he would be laughing and joking with them.. When I would ask him a question or say hi he would turn 5 shades of red and run away practically.

Wooooah.. I just saw something.. er.. I mean.. someone very funny.. a gentleman just came in looking for his meeting group.. he had crustie the clown hair, wearing a banana yellow home-knit sweater, comparable to one my daughter had when she was 6 months old.. under the hideous( for a grown man) sweater he has on a mustard yellow dress shirt. ( see illustration) Then speaking in a very proper British accent he says " could I be directed to the 3501 booooooordroom" Its even funnier than I am sitting here eating porridge, looking at an Avon book!! Classy. Don't you just love it??!!

Great.. I just laughed so hard I dropped porridge in my hair!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Fat Hot Celebs

Well.. Diet is still going good.. I didn't do anything bad all weekend.. and I actually only had a few sips of diet Pepsi all weekend. I am trying to get myself off the caffeine all together!! No Coffee or Soda!! I have been drinking Green tea.. and I actually had a really good spicy one this morning.. Try it..Rooibos Vanilla!! Tetley!! yummay!!

So I saw an old coworker at Walmart last night. WOW. .When I left the lab she was bigger than me by about 40 pounds and was starting the WW points diet. She was on the whole soup kick and I was still Stressing My Atkins success to her!! Well.. she was with another old coworker of mine and I didn't know her!! she is TINY!! well. not tiny.. but literally half the size she was when I saw her last, Which I am pretty sure wasn't any longer than 4 months. She looks amazing and healthy!! Lucky Bitch.. I needed that.. To see her success.. It helped boost me a little..

They say it takes about 4-5 days to get the sugar addiction out of your system.. How long for Salt, Fat, and all that other good stuff.. Something to Ponder...

Well.. I leave you with yet another one of my finds on the Internet.. What if the Hot Celebs out there were fat?? Would they really be so hot?? What do you think?

J Lo ????

Elizabeth Hurley???

Julia Robberts???

Gwenyth Palthrow

Sandra Bullock???

Catherine Zeta Jones??

Jennifer Love Hewitt??

One thing for sure.. Julia Robberts looks pretty scary in both of them!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hot guy of the year!!

yummmmmay!!! I don't care what anyone thinks he's awesome.. I thought he was a young'n.. but turns out he is 30!!

Day 2......

Well.. I never ever ever write from home.. EVER!! Did i say never?? I did good last night.. didn't pig out.. I made a nice lasagna.. mmmm.. only had one piece. there is a piece left for me to have today for my dinner. I took some pics last night to blog my weight loss.. I put on a white tshirt and black stretchy pants. I got Ashley( oldest girl) to take the pics. one front, one back on sitting.. ewe.. the front one was alright.. the back view.. sick.. sitting.. don't even wanna talk about.. hahahah..

So this morning I had 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and a cup of pomegranate green tea. I am not a tea drinker but I needed caffeine and i accidentally bought my favorite coffee, hazelnut vanilla, decaf by mistake.. oopps.. i didn't notice.. but Dale did!!

I leave you with a pic that I took of my butt about.. 5 months ago.. maybe 6.. I am pretty sure those jeans don't even fit me anymore!! :( booo hooo hooo

I thought I looked like a cow back then.. funny hey.. now I pray that god will make me that size again!!! wahhhhh..


Friday, November 16, 2007

L/A weightloss.. Atkins.. Points System... Fuck it..Im getting Gastric Bypass Surgery!!!!!!

Just kidding.. I feel so huge.. its pathetic I know.. but I really do.. I'm sitting here in my chair and I feel like a slump.. I am not sure if that is even a word but its my new word for how I feel. I have just spent the last 3 1/2 hours reading success stories about people losing weight.. people who were 360 pounds dropping down to a size 2.. Jesus Christ!! I can't even imagine. I am not Near that size and I can't even muster up the courage to lose.. the what.. 40 pounds I need to lose.. I am a failure!!!!

Well.. like I have said.. many many MANY times.. Today is a new day!! A new Diet.. Here is what I look like now.. just to show me.. for future reference..

So that's me in the Blue Coat.. just finished sharing a large plate of Nachos, Fajitas and 4 pitchers of Draft!! Just wonderful.. fucking Wonderful!! Pig!!

Lets see where the weekend takes me!!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

What the F#@$

Alanis and Ryan Renolds.. well first of all.. I did not know Mr. 2 guys and girl and a pizza place was in such good form?? Who would have thought?? I mean.. COME ON!! I thought he was just a tall lanky dude?? I mean.. alanis is Beautiful.. lovely.. talented.. Lots going for her.. I always kinda wondered why she would slum it with Ryan??NOW I know why!!

Just check out this guy!!!

and again.....

And last but not least.....