Friday, January 26, 2007

" Friends: Till the end"

This is a quote from my past. My friends and I would always say this in a certain way. What we would do is one person would say " friend" and the others would say " till the end". For some strange reason we would do this all the time. We were very bizarre kids.. teens.. god we are still bizarre. I have a long history with all of my friends.. Close friend from high school, college, or even far back as primary. The friends that I spent all my teen years with, Most of them I knew since forever. They are like family now. We might not see each other that much or even talk on the phone that often but we know that we are going to be friends forever!! I have so many crazy memories with these girls I could write a book seriously. I know everyone has friends like this.. but we were really nuts. We always had a really good time. We didn't care what anyone thought of us, Perhaps because we had a big enough group that it didn't matter if Ms. popularity thought we were weird, we didn't need her.

It is really funny actually, as I am writing this post I am listening to an online radio station and the song "photograph" my Nickleback(ewe) just came on. That song drives me crazy because I really don't like the band at all.. but the lyrics are really sentimental. I have always been a real picture person.. snapping every chance I get.. I have so many pictures of me and my friends that all tell stories. I decided while writing to illustrate this post with the pictures of my friends and I that I really like, that sparks a memory, or that are just completely crazy like we are!!

This picture is from our Christmas concert in grade 1. The photo is of My friend Tammy ( right) and Me( left) We have been friends since before we went to school. We are actually distant relatives( nans are cousins or something) I love her. she is the funniest friends ever!! Really a good term for her would be "BURNT" She would do anything for a laugh and we always had a riot. We look like little darlings here but don't be fooled.. we were probably making fun of the photographer's stance.

So this picture to the right is from my birthday party in grade 6, 1989. Aahh to turn 12 again!! I am the person with the pearls(nice) and Tammy is the other girl and Lola is the person with the head cut off at the bottom. Also my Bestest Bestest friend Viki is the person who is giving me the good ol "bunny ears" but my mom was a bad photographer and of course cut her out too. I love this picture too even thought the composition is crappy. It just brings back memories of eating hot dogs, laughing, watching Poltergeist. I remember Lola losing her hot dog wiener on the floor and yelling in a very high pitched voice " MY wiener My wiener" We all laughed historically.

OK.. this one got a really good story. It was my friend Amy's 13th birthday party,1990. We all went to the mall first and hung out and then Amy's mom picked us all up in the big blue suburban. I remember Viki quoting Warrent's "Heaven" lyrics in the car " blue suburban sky". That night we were all reeling in recent break ups, listening to sad Alana Myles tunes crying, and Eating pizza in Amy's basement while listening to the " top 10 at 10." At one point during the night we all went outside to take some pictures. We had to get in character. In this one Viki( up front) was a crazed lunatic that tried to break into Amy's trailer, Tammy,( holding bat) Amy and I were bad cops coming in for the kill. That shirt Viki is wearing will probably haunt her for the rest of her life.. even though it was mine.. bad present from an aunt!!!!
This is from the very last day of school in Grade 8, 1991. From Left is Me, Tammy, Lola and Amy. I don't really remember much about this day except for the fact that Amy was wearing that shirt that had " KWF" on it. We were all laughing calling her "quiff" cause that's what KWF sounded like.. she was pissed as you can see from the look on her face in this picture!!!

OK.. This is a really funny story. This is Grade 8, Valentines Dance. In this pic is From top, Tammy in back, Bonnie, Me, Amy, Charlene, Dana, Lola and Viki up front. We all had gone to the Christmas dance wearing regular clothes and everyone was totally dressed up, So when the Valentine's Dance was announced we were ready to get dressed up to the nines, as you can see from the pic. When we got to the dance the most dressed up anyone was, was a few chicks wearing spandex skirt and t.shirt. We were not very happy..We called our moms to come bring us clothes. But Luckily Tammy's snap happy Mom captured the moment.. weather we liked it or not at the time. the only girl in that pic who I haven't heard from is Dana. She moved in grade 9 and never looked back.
So this picture is not that funny looking but the night has a funny tale. Its of Tammy and Me. We would always go to the movies on Monday night because it was $2 night. Really funny seeing it was only 1992 or 93.. but in Stephenville, at a 1 cinema theatre.. they had to do something to make cash. Anyway.. they had this uber stud security guard there who we nicknamed "RECTO" Not anything to do with erection.. but because he had the BIGGEST cleft in his chin that anyone could imagine!! He actually looked like John Black from "Days". Anyway.. he would stand in his usually "recto stance" as we called it.. and would wait for kids to move or talk to loud so he could come over and shove his flashlight in our faces and yell at us.. Like seriously, the guy was like 6 years older than us.. what a loser.. but on this night we were messing around bad cause the movie sucked( we would go regardless of what was playing) I think it might have been "Jennifer 8" Uma Thurman's first big bomb!!hahah hahah..anyway.. Tammy was checking the time and flicked her lighter to see her watch( before indigo was common) Well... that definitely sent Recto over the edge. He came over and started yelling " GET that Fucking lighter back in your fucking pocket" !!! we all bust up of course like the little bitches and bastards we were!!! But he yelled it so fast.. we must have quoted that for years!!!! so the other pic is Tammy doing the "RECTO STANCE"

So.. here is me and my Beloved Viki. We have been friends so long its crazy!! Like all of us.. we knew each other for ever but we used to have the most fun!! Well.. when it was the two of us we were usually pretty weird.. we would listen to REO Speedwagon and then throw on Metallica's Ride the lightning.. This Picture was taken when I went to Corner brook this summer past. It was the first time we saw each other in 3 years almost to the date!! It was a really fun reunion.. We laughed alot and had a good time doing what we do best.. Smokin and chillin.. doing nothing!!!!

This is from right, Nicole, Viki and me. Nicole is not in alot of the pics but she is a really good friend too. We met in Grade 10 and have hung out ever since. The three of us had a lot of really funny times that we probably get in shit for if I talked about it too much!Not with the Law, just other people.This is from my first night back in Stephenville after 3 years.. Nicole had a baby 3 months before this.. makes me want to puke. she looks like a supermodel. We had a fun time that night.. one more thing.. Viki is NOT that tall, she is jumping up on me and Nik.

I love this one.. the funniest part about it.. or peculiar, is that Tammy is the one that looks normal in it.. and usually she would be the one being weird!! From left is Lola, Me, Amy and Tammy up front. This is from the last time we all were together, the summer of 2002. Viki was there that night too but just probably took the pic for us. Its funny that when most chicks get together after years of being apart they want to get all these nice shots of them together.. But we didn't get one "good" pic.. we look nuts in all of them .

So that's my story. Hope you enjoyed my silly tales..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Understanding Youth

It wasn't that long ago since I was a teen.. 15 years ago I was 15. How things have changed. One thing that hasn't changed is clicks and groups or what they now call posse or entourage. When I was a teen there were preps, jocks, hippies, Seattle boys, snobs, nerds, skaters, or just plain weirdos. Nowadays there is a whole new world of clicks or genre's of teens. When I was in high school ( well at least at my catholic school) the Preps ruled the roost. The freaks were the musicians and skaters. The boys in my school shopped at girls clothing stores for their pleated jeans and wore silky dress shirts with paisleys and to top off this fab attire, deck shoes. ewe..

When I was about 25 or so and My brother in law was graduating high school. It was totally different then. The jocks were now playing guitar and trading in their mushroom cuts for longer shaggy looks. At this time the skeet's were taking on a more preppy look, being the only groups that still were big on name brands and logo's. Now in 2007 there is a new craze sweeping the halls of the schools. The EMO.. this is very close to the once Goth Craze.. but mixed with a little skater and sprinkled with a little Curiosity, meaning.. homosexual curiosity. My daughter is 12 and she loves emo boys.. a perfect example of an emo boy would be: dark hair combed over to one side, Eyeliner perhaps, Tight jeans ( ones like.. that say Kirk Hammett Might have worn) Some sort of strips, weather it be a shirt, scarf or hat... and also maybe something red mixed in there. Some Bands that might be considered emo would be Panic! at the Disco, or Maybe Fall Out Boy. A while ago I was speaking to my friend Melanie who I hadn't talked to in a few months. We were gabbing about the kids and what not when I told her Ashley now likes "emo boys". She laughed and said that she heard this term used just a few days before for the first time. Her Husband records young bands out of his basement studio and she said she went down there while he had this certain band over. She said that she was giving Dave a look because one of the guys was laying his head on the lap of another guy who was stroking his hair, In another chair was another weird character who was all in black, curled up hugging his legs in a pretzel like shape rocking slowly back and forth. She thought they were all pretty peculiar. When they all left she was like " Dave, good lord.. whats up with those boys.. are they gay?" He said to her.." ah.. nah man.. they're just emo.. she still wasn't that clear on the whole meaning until I cleared it up for her.. Which I myself wasn't that sure about. I actually googled the term and got several meanings.. from Emotional rock to a subculture of soft core punk. Then I looked up the meaning on urban and this is what I got:

"Genre of soft core punk music that integrates unenthusiastic melodramatic 17 year olds who don't smile, high pitched overwrought lyrics and inaudible guitar rifts with tight wool sweaters, tighter jeans, itchy scarfs (even in the summer), ripped chucks with favorite bands signature, black square rimmed glasses, and ebony greasy unwashed hair that is required to cover at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle."

I totally think that is hilarious!!!! So true.. you walk in the Avalon mall and you will see about 100 of these types walking around. That brings me to my Next group of teens to grace us nowadays.. The " gangsta's". Like seriously? Gangsta? In Newfoundland? What are these kids thinking?.. I mean.. I know there are some rough areas in the city but get real. They ain't living no hard knock life really. It's all about music culture. These kids are fucking hilarious as well.. I mean.. as in comical to me. I saw a kid the other day wearing a coat 9 sizes to big for him, jeans the same, hat on sideways, Big ass bling around his neck( sterling silver though, ha ha It might have been a money sign or a weed plant?). OK.. you think that is enough. The kid was walking like he had just taken a bullet to the knee cap. They are listening to G-Unit and all these other groups with Crime bases lyrics and think that they want that life. I would love to see some of these kids thrown in a real hood for a night and see what they would do. Run crying like babies to their mommy's probably. My Daughter has this one kid in her class who is a real pain in the ass, always getting in trouble with the teachers, principals, cops, whoever.. I said to her " Whats up with this kid?? Is he popular or a nerd or a bad ass??" She answered with " no mom, He's gangsta!" My husband and I almost lost our supper laughing.. Gangsta!!??

OK.. so if going to Sport check and buying a Phat Farm T shirt and a Pair of Big ass G-Unit sneakers, then stopping at the Jewelry Kiosk and nabbing $10 "bling" makes them Gangsta, then I guess I can get a fake Louis Vuitton, Blond extensions and a Miracle Bra and Call my self Jessica Simpson!!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

L.A Gears are "da gear"

I just had to make this small post. Don't you remember L.A Gears???? Oh.. I had a pair of these when I was in Grade 7 and I thought they were the shit!! Mine were white with Purple and Green.. they came with like 3 or 4 pairs of laces and you got a free key chain too.. Pretty freaking sweet.. I think they are the funniest things ever.. Its so funny how things change. I think it might have been grade 9 when we all were like " LA GEARS!! hahahha hardy har!!!!" My Best friend Viki had the white ones with the Black and Pink trim.. I found a pic online.. so funny!!!

A few tales about "Bangs"

So I cut my hair. Nothing too drastic. Just a little bang to make a change. I haven't had anything different done with my hair in years.. since the last time I cut a bang actually. I thought I would post a little picture to show. I do like it but its a little bit of maintenance in the morning. It will grow fast. I have been complimented on the cut over 100 times here at work. People seem to love it. I even had a gentleman who is rather quiet and contrary tell me it looked pretty!! Shocking.. and another lady asked me if it was my "real hair??" I couldn't believe it. She thought I had extensions.. A haircut.. just a small bang.. and she thinks I got extensions???

So other than that the only exciting news I have is that I got into a car accident. Only a small one, Wasn't our fault. Here is the story. My Friend Cara and I decided to start walking a couple of times a week to get a little flab off our arses. We unfortunately picked a rather snowy evening for it.( This was last Tuesday night) We had my husband meet us on Military road after he picked up my daughter from Brownies. Cara and I were strolling along like children in the snow when dale pulled up somewhere before Moo Moo's but after the Basilica. We jumped in the car quickly because there was traffic coming. We hadn't even had our seat belts on at this point because we were discussing if we should go to the Bannerman park playground or just go back to Cara's when BANG!!! A van hit us out of nowhere. I was in shock.. I didn't know what the hell happened.. Did Dale hit someone? Did we hit a pothole, person, another car?? what the hell is going on is all that I could think.. we were literally in the car 10 seconds. All I could hear was my daughter Screeching in the front seat and then a man was looking at me through my window. Cara and Myself were in the backseat, Miriya in the front and Dale driving. I was afraid to open my door as I thought it might have been totally smashed up.. I opened it and got out and the damage looked minimal.. However.. to me it looked like whoever hit us had took off... seeing the only other vehicle around us was a van that looked like they pulled up behind us to see if we were OK ( the man who had looked in my window) I am freaking out saying " they took off, oh my god.. they just took off " and then after calming down I figured out that the gentleman was the person who hit us.. Long story short. We were heading toward Bannerman Park, He was heading toward the Basilica, His car fishtailed out and he spun around Hitting us and landing directly behind our car!! Luckily he didn't hit us front on because it would have caused more damage, but where he his our back door on the drivers side, where I was sitting, I was jolted across the backseat, spilling my coffee and landing on top of Cara basically. My back was really sore that night and even worst the next day. Now I still am pretty stiff.. We contacted our insurance company and gave them all the information.. that the man had given us.. he knew at the time it was his fault so he wasn't hard to deal with AT ALL. Now.. Here it is almost a week later and he still hasn't reported the accident to his insurance company.. We were pretty worried he was trying to skeeve us out.. but we called him this morning and he was waiting for us to get some quotes so he could pay for the damage and not go through the insurance company at all. At least we have some word now though..See, we are accident virgins.. We don't know anything about these situations.. All we know is: call the insurance company, Report the accident to the police.. Other than that we are Green.. Hopefully it all works out in the end. and when I say end, I mean our car fixed by the END of the week!!!

So this Picture here to the right is what I was thinking about using for the arts and letters competition this year. I took the pic of my Daughters friend Megan. I wanted to get a close up of this bug eye thing she does that I think is so hilarious. I snapped the shot and when I opened it up on the computer I noticed that My Daughter was also in the shot... Off in the distance sucking on her lolly pop, hand on hip.. It struck my as very funny. I cropped it square and thought it looked great!! I am still not sure though.. very indecisive I is!!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Before and After....

So not everyone looks fabulous after years of partying and drugs... Lets take Axl Rose for instance.. One of my biggest crushes back when I was from ages 13-16. Boy did I love that maniac!! I had one of those binders that you could slip a poster in the front cover.. Who did I have in mine? You guessed it!!, Axl. I even had a thought cloud coming from his head thinking " I Love Nadine" I was a little obsessed you could say. My Friend and I would sit and watch taped off much music spotlights on G n'R for hours, pausing on the hot parts, drooling over Axl dressing in his infamous tighty whitey "unit" shorts.. I could go on all day.. But then there is the aging process that happens.. I mean.. the guy was close to 30 back then when I was a teen, What else can I expect for him other than to look like a rusty old man when I myself am now close to 30. Then there is that Idea that some people get in their heads, mostly aging hollywooders, to go out and get " something done". Being literal.. I mean plastic surgery. I mean. It didn't work for Michael Jackson, it didn't work for Mickey Rourke, and what about poor old Tara Reid with her deformed stomach and botched boob job. Will people ever get the hint that perhaps bad things happen sometimes in the Plastic Surgery OR? Not everyone can come out and look like Christie Brinkley after a Day at the Botox clinic.

So that leads me to my main reason for writing. Axl's horrible plastic surgery. He was so cute!! What did he do to himself for the love of god!! And those dread locks!! Let me tell you, I do dread the site of him now! I decided to make a little collage of Axl before and after to send to my friend to make her laugh her ass off. I also thought I would throw in a " ME" before and after.. just for fun.. So all you little girls out there who are oohing and ahhhing over today's teen heart throbs such as Chad Micheal Murray.. Remember....... He could look like William H. Macy in 20 years!!!

Axl Before and After.....

And here goes the Nadine Before and After......



Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Very First "BLOG"

Well.. Where do I start on this.. I mean. Like I have said before in the past.. " what's with this whole "BLOG" thing".. Is it a trend for college kids ( which I hate those stupid college trends.. same reason why I don't watch simpons) After a while I learned from friends that its like a diary.. only one that the world can read.. Pretty messed up considering that I am used to writing in a diary for only me to ever read.. Now I have to get used to writing for the bloggers world.. Fixing spelling mistakes, which I am famous for bad spelling, Making sure that I don't offend anyone with my rants or bitching, and not putting anything too personal in my entries. Well I think it is going to be fun. I love reading other people's blogs.. they are so funny and interesting. I hope mine will be fun for others. Some days I might write about something important, other days could be something that pisses me off, or stories I have dug up from my intense memory. All in all I hope you all enjoy my Ranting and Raving.