Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Here I go again..."

Well its Wednesday.. The hump day so I hear so many people saying these days?? Like what the fuck does that mean..?? anywho....

I am sitting here now at working thinking.. what do I write about today.. The weather ( shitty) the Election ( dominating) or just my plain old mumbo jumbo I usually talk about.. Why ruin a good thing right?? I was just reading my fave local paper, Current.. It's really gotten quite good. Lots of Good Articles, More features.. I love it.. Its still has Josey Vogals.. She's funny!! Her article this time was called " the EX files" It was a story about her exes.. using fake names of course.. she talked about the guy who broke her heart, the one who made her orgasm.. the one who got away, yada yada.. I wonder do all of us girls have these lists.. I know I do.. At the time I always thought I was a strong girl who didn't give a shit. I wasn't like my friends Bawling over boys all the time.. I never showed any emotion.. I would bite my lip and fight any signs of emotion at all... I guess my friends did so much crying over boys that I just was the shoulder to cry on rather than the one doing the crying.. I do remember one time I wrote a short story about a horrible break up with ( fuck it.. I'm not faking the name to protect anyone) Troy.. My first real boyfriend... When I say real, yeah.. the one I lost it to. We were together for about 2 years before the fun stuff really started.. but in our first year of being together I was only 13.. we had a rocky relationship that's for sure. Dated for 8 month, broke up for 4.. dated for a summer.. broke up again.. dating for 1/2 then split for7 months.. then at last we hooked up with no strings.. that lasted until The summer of 93.. ( equivalent to 69) and that was the end of the Road for us. Most of the time he was a cheap bastard.. wouldn't buy me ketchup chips or let me take home another tape until I returned others I had.. grrrr..Not that there isn't some heartwarming memories.. Like him buying me awesome Peace Symbol earings on our 3rd dance date. We are on excellent terms now though.. I'm married, He's married.. I was at his wedding for god sakes! He was actually out here a few weeks ago for a concert and they came over for a few hours for a visit. He's a part of our huge group of friends from home. We will stay friends forever I am sure.. There isn't' anything weird between us anymore!

But as I was saying about the Short Story.. A guy came between us.. Not one that was after me. A nasty guy that liked my friend but for some reason didn't want me and troy together.. it was completely stupid. I wrote the story and had it in an exercise.. See.. when troy dumped me he got this fat piece of shit to call me and tell me.. ( the first breakup) I didn't fight to stay together.. I was just like, " OK" Now that I look back at what I was like back then.. I never fought for a relationship. I am not sure if it was about the fear of rejection or I just didn't care.. I could never see myself saying " take me back.." or " don't do this" NEVER! Did that make me Strong?? or just plain stupid.. I think it was defiantly about fear of rejection..

Anyway.. One night my friend Charlene was at my house and we were one the phone with troy and we were almost back together. At this point we both knew that we wanted to.. It was just to make it official. Of course Charlene was being our mediator.. I was sitting on my floor in my fantastic purple bedroom.. she was on my bed. She took out the Short Story and told me she was going to read it.. Funny how you are when you are 13-14.. It was like I wrote that story To be read Specifically by Troy. Just like a friend I has ( this one will remain nameless) who would write in her diary and then read it to us.. Like she was writing it knowing that we would hear it later.. fucking weird.. Anyway.. after Charlene read the story she handed me the phone and Troy told me he wanted to go back out.. I didn't answer.. I started to cry and passed Charlene the phone!! I told her to tell him yes.. I think that was the first time I had cried over a boy in front of any of my friends.. ( I had wiped many a tear from Charlene's eyes over a couple of ass wipes.!! ) Maybe that was the First and Only sob session I needed.. I don't remember crying over any other high school boyfriends ever after that.. Especially Troy!! The last time we broke up.. he was the one doing the sobbin!!


Friday, October 5, 2007

Doctor... I'm feeling a little hot!!!

Ok.. So I know there has been all this McDreamy talk going on for a long long time but WOW..Patrick Dempsey really is Dreamy!! I mean.. can't by me love was one of my all time favorite movies back when I was a kid. I did Grow to love his character Ronald after watching the movie 11,000 times.. But man... has he blossomed!!

See.. I just couldn't get into Grey's Anatomy at all. I tried!! I really did. I watched the first 1 or 2 episodes but "Meridith" just got on my nerves way way WAY to much to stick out an hour of watching just for McDreamy.. I couldn't do it. But then last night I started watching it after survivor.. I seemed really good.. then after about 10 minutes they say " ok, we have 5 critically injured in a gas explosion..." and thats when I had to change the channel..I can't handle these hospital drama's at all.. Grosses me out way to much!! I mean, the other story lines are great, but Its the blood and trauma I can't do!! McDreamy or not.. I mean.. why couldn't they just cast him in a Law Drama or something??

Then I just decided to be a big girl and watch it just for Mcdreamy..first scene, pretty good Mcnaked in bed with McSkeletor.. but McNaked just the same.. then.. its like 55 minutes into the show and he's not on it again except for in a full face mask in the O.R!! Come on!! What a Rip off..!!

So yeah.. I watched my first full episode and my final statements are:

* Sandra Ohhhhhhhh do you have to be so dramatic with your facial expressions??

* Meridith.. .stop being such a bitchy little child to your new found sister

and last but certainly not lease...

* Marry me Mcdreamy??


Seth Green version

Leave Britney Alone!! Part 2

Here is that Video I was talking about in a previous Post.. Thought you might enjoy!!

And we Rely on each other... un huh!!!

Well. I had a marvelous time in Stephenville during the Come home year. Lots of time spend with my old friend and family. I even went to a party at my cousins house which had my little cousin who was only 10 to my uncle who is at least.. 66!! what a time!! I got to see my All Time favorite cousin Jocelyn as well. She used to live with us for a while when I was a little girl and she went to College!! She was so much fun!! She used to do all kinds of fun stuff with me.. like have Séances, dance, listen to music .. she was like.. 26 at least at the time.. I was only about 8!! Its funny, whenever I hear the Dolly Parten/Kenny Rogers Duet " Islands in the Stream" I always think of her.. Because it was her fave song back then. It used to come on and we would sit down with our heads by the speaker and listen to it. When we saw each other and were talking she was like " Nadine!!! Remember Islands in the stream!!!" I was so happy she also had that Memory of us!! I didn't have my camera with me but she did and i hope she sends me the copy of the picture that her brother took!! The only pics I have of us together was one that was taken at my 6th birthday party in which my undies are showing, and one of us in a photo booth from when I was only 3 or 4!! If I ever get around to it, I will scan the "money shot"!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Perez Attacked???!!!!

It was Britney, Bitch!!!!!
Hahaha.. I really got to stop it with the Britney Jokes!!

Isn't she just Beautiful

Avril Lavigne is simply Beautiful right now,

Lets just hope she don't turn out like Britney..........

Well.. no one is perfect right???

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Britney Update!!!!!

Here I was defending Britney and yesterday I find out she actually lost custody of tator tot and small fry!!! I still stand by my word that I don't think its fair and I still think the world is being to hard on her.. but the fact that she zipped through the drive through on the way over to kfed's to drop them off. Apparently she didn't have to give up custody until today but brought them over a mere 2 hours after the judge made the decision. Poor Britney.. and worst yet.. Poor Kfed.. No more party's.. not more hanging with the homies making bad albums till 4 am. Lets see how fast we see pics of Tator tot and Small fry with a doobie in there hands!!