Friday, September 28, 2007


Ok.. I did think that Chris Crocker took his rant a little too far, sucking and bawling over the insults to a celeb?? Come on Get serious.. I did however think that Seth Greens Impersonation of it made me laugh more that when I saw Chris' video on Glen Beck. Its Cracked me up! !

But in a Seriousness ( hehe) I do pity the girl. She went from being a multi million dollar pop sensation to literally the biggest piece of white trash going. When I think of say, the bombed reality show Chaotic that her and Kfed had, that seems somewhat classy to me now!! The poor girl haven't got a chance in hell!! People out there are actually coming to Kfed's Defence in all of this. .That he is the good one?? Please.. He dumped a pregnant Shar for Brit.. Sucked every penny he could out of her and now he's Father of the Year?? Give me a break.

I know that she is making a multitude of disastrous mistakes over and over and OVER again, everything from joyriding with a 6 month old on her lap, shaving her head, hanging out with Paris and getting caught with her Panties off, not to mention attempting to make a comeback when she is hopped up on what I can only believe to be some form of Percocet maybe? The girl was a state. I personally thought she looked amazing.. I was expecting her to come out all bald and covered in Cheetos, but she looked fab. It was the performance itself that was less that exciting. I really think she tried to play it safe, but come on girl.. If Madonna was your mentor at all you could have at least diddled yourself for shock value!! It was the Dullest performance I have seen since Wilson Phillips on the American Music Awards show 1991!! But for people to bash her by saying she was fat and rolling out of her Shorts was going a little to far!! One of my personal favourite blogger 14 did a very funny but untrue drawing of Brit from the awards. It was an exaggeration that's for sure!

So all in all I think that the Public, Hollywood, America, Fuck it, The world is being way to hard on Britney. She is just a victim ( a rich one) of society really. Thrown into the spotlight at an early age and then becoming one of the most successful female performers even before her 18th birthday. Having to compete with Justin for hair gel, yeah.. I made that one up. The latest is that her bodyguard is trying to say that she is an unfit mother because she walked around the house in the nude. COME on.. her kids are what.. at the oldest 3?? What child at that age has not seen partially naked parents??? Its one thing to say she shouldn't be snorting coke off off Lindsay Lohan's purse, but that's just nuts.. Now there is some gold digger trying to jump on the Briney train because she bumped her car?? What next???

To sign off..I want to ask a straight forward question to all the parents out there and I want you to answer it honestly to yourselves.. Can you honestly say that you have never let your child have a drink of Soda before their 10th Birthday?? If you say no, YOUR LYING!!!! Also have you ever done something with regards to your children that you wouldn't want anyone else knowing?? Like say, feeding them Kraft dinner for Supper just to quickly feed them after a long day of work, or strap them in their highchair so you can answer the telephone without a child on your hip.... well Imagine if you had 70 photographers chasing you around.. How many times do you think you would have been caught in a compromising position?? I guess Britney is a lot like us.. HUMAN!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

God.. is it really Fall!!????

I love fall. It is my most favorite time of year. All the beautiful colors, the smell of wood stoves a blazen, the crisp fresh air..ahh.. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.. With the exception of the fact that our neighbour has 3 HUGE trees in his yard.. pretty convenient that all the leaves all fall in our backyard. grrrrrrr

So I also love fall because I always feel like its the best time for a fresh start. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I went to school every year in September and tried to start a new year with a new attitude, or starting college in September with that same notion. I just always try to start new things this time of year and stay at it. I recently starting swimming a few nights a week with my daughter, trying to eat healthy meals as a family, not just for me, and I am really trying hard to stay focused on my Diet. I have to be in a wedding in March and I really don't want to look like a hippopotamus trying to pass itself off as a bridesmaid.

So other than that I have been working, trying to see my friends as often as I can, and keep out of trouble. I am doing the St. John Ambulance course tomorrow all day through work.. that should be fun!!! I have a new secret goal now but I can't leak out to much info right now because that might just end up going down the tubes as well. Keep reading and you will find out one day soon.