Tuesday, May 15, 2007


well. its been quite a while since my last post!! I have been super busy on facebook!! lol.. I am going to start writing every day just so that I can keep track of my new/old diet!! I have slacked off so bad its rediculos.. I am going back on atkins.. Its the only diet that has ever worked for me. I am going to do it right this time!! Not avoiding carbs but eating chocolate!! I really want to lose weight and keep it off this time. I lost close to 50 pounds and have pretty much piled it all back on!! not fast.. just about 3 or 4 pounds a month.. Which over 2 years has turned into.. Im not even gonna go there!!

So today is my first official day on it. .I have done great!! Today I ate:

Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs

Snack: 3 Teaspoons of Chilli( made by me in a slow cooker.. very little carbs)

Lunch: Garden salad withVinegarette

and I plan of having chicken ceaser salad for supper!!

I also plan to exercise tonight too.. Go for a run or something.. maybe do some lunges and squats or something!

Signing out!