Monday, March 2, 2009


SO.. this was a facebook "note" I thought I would share with the blogger world.

1. I am deathly afraid of Ghosts.. therefor i can only assume I believe in them, despite not having any encounters.

2. Sloan are my favorite Canadian band. Actually.. they are probably my favorite band all around.

3. I am a clean freak.. my house is not always clean due to my busy work schedule.. but i obsess over keeping it clean.

4. I love to Organize. I actually enjoy seeing a big mess that I can file, separate, and sort. IM a LOSER

5. I look in the mirror ALOT. now most think this is a sign of vanity but in my case its one of insecurity.

6. I hate Math.. hated it my whole life in school. Recently i was discussing this with a friend, about how you do all this math in school and say " what job am i ever going to use this in?" most Job out there requires little to no math. IT Figures of all the jobs out there I end up in the one that requires me to do math ALL DAY!! gotta love accounting :}

7. I have a million little guilty pleasures.. From crappy music like Tatu or Rhiyanna to bad TV shows like the OC and Fresh Prince.

8. I love Italian Boys. ! Yes. I might have Married a Blond haired Blue eyes Native boy.. but If A boy catches my eye these days ( which frankly, is not to often) chances are he's got dark hair and dark eyes.. Hence my celebrity crushes on Gerard Way and Milo Ventimeglia. I have even checked out old school scott Baio on Charles in Charge.. hahahah

9. I have Three Smurfs in my office/cubicle. Two from kindgergarden, a cowboy smurf and a one with a music sheet.. the other Is one with a birthday cake, that was given to me by christian short in grade 10 on my birthday.

10. My favorite books growing up were the sweet valley twins series( not sweet valley high) I swear.. i wanted to be a twin.. So much so... that before Photoshop was around.. I 'photoshopped" two pictures of myself together and wrote on the back "Nadine and Janine" I was only 8.. and i still have that photo somewhere..

11. I have been into Photography since a VERY young age.. I used to take our Camera ( an old instamatic camera.. 126 film or something.. I used to set up my cabbage patches..take pics of random object.. My mom used to flip out that i was wasting all the FLASH CUBES.. ( now thats how long ago it was) there is about 6 pics in one album of my smurfette purse.. i was big into still life even before i understood the term!! lol

12. I barely EVER read.. book that is.. unless its something of a self help nature.. Cosmo, Magazine, trash mags, Cookbooks, or books of stories or poems. I am of the " go rent the movie" nature. I used to like reading. I blame my dislike for reading solely on " DEATH ON THE ICE" worst book to give a class of grade 11's to read.. I read the first page 2000 times but would always pass out before turning to page 2.

13. I had a birthday Party Sleepover Every Year from age 10-17. Viki and Tammy were present for all those years.. We always played Sherades.

14. I am a self proclaimed BAD SPELLER!! Thank goodness for Spell Check :)

15. I think i am dyslexic. I always had trouble in school.. not that I every failed or anything but I remember having to read a sentence a few times to understand it. I used to hate to read aloud in school because I would put words that didn't belong in sentences. I think back to Grade 5.. mrs. parsons class and I had to read aloud.. ( another tramatic childhood tale) I was reading aloud and in the sentence and it said "she picked up the cat and put it on her lap" but I saw "CAP" instead of "CAT" and even though I said " she picked up the CAT.." because I had associated it with CAP.. I finished the sentence with " she put it on her Head.. Therefore reading aloud" she picked up the CAT and Put it on her HEAD" to a group of 10 year olds, the Classroom erupted with laughter, Mrs parsons scolded me for being silly ( which, hello.. i wasn't) and I didn't want to be called upon for reading since that day!! Why didn't MOM ever have me tested.. I could have gotten a scholarship for university and not owe $34,000 today!! lol

16. I am supposed to be working now.. not on facebook!

17. I hate doing Dishes.. Even with a Dishwasher.. I force my family to do them!

18. I always knew I would be a MOM. I used to say that I would Adopt instead of going through labour. But I always loves kids.. even when I was one myself. I never babysat as a child but when my cousins would come over with their babies and I would LOVE it. I remember my Cousin Debbie Came home with her Baby Rachelle. I was only in Grade 3 and she let me take care of her. She was about 9 months old or so.. old enough to sit up and be precious. They went out to put clothes on the line and I felt so proud to take care of her. I never saw her again because she lived in Ontario and was just home for a funeral or something... But thanks to the facebook world.. I now am in contact with rachelle.. She has Grown into a beautiful young woman now.

19. I have three tattoos. Two are Astrological.. ( fish on my back, Pisces sign on my calf) and a stupid ass dancing frog on my back.. everyone knows that story.. "hello my honey.. hello my baby.. " lol Im getting that one covered when I get the Balls.

20. I am doing the Tele 10 this year. .its a 10 mile race in the st. john's area. From Octagon Pond in Paradise to bannerman Park.. wish me Luck friends.!

21. I listen to Deezer. Com at work.. its a music site that it sooo easy. you can make a playlist of just about any music you want.. and no downloading necessary. 5 minutes and you can have 50 songs.. I have just about everything from Metallica to Weezer to Paramore.. ( another guilty pleasure) lol

22. I love Days of Our lives.. even if i Don't watch it for 6 months. i Still consider myself a longtime obsessed fan of the show.. Stephano was one of my FAVE characters. .and Sami ofcourse.. Why do I love the Badasses! lol

23. I am gullible. I don't consider myself stupid for it.. I just don't ever expect people to be lying or fibbing all the time so i usual believe what is told to me. I get highly irritated by skeptics too!!

24. I moved to Newfoundland when I was a baby from Halifax. I haven't been off the Island since.. ( except when in the ocean lol)

25. I love Wendy's Chicken Strips.. WAYY to much! I think they are injected with Crack!