Thursday, February 22, 2007

Snowbound.. Day 2

Well.. I shoveled between the hours of 6:30-8:30.. That only got me through what the plow had done to my path. When Dale got home we kept shoveling till 10. This is where we are now.. and the plow didn't even fill us in this morning.. GOD LOVE THEM!! ( quite different from the words I had for them yesterday!! hahahaha.. So by the time tonight is over hopefully there will be enough space for a car!! oh.. and by the way.. NO that is not a childsize shovel.. its pretty big.. you saw it next to me in the previous post!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snowbound in St. John's

Wow!! Its so funny to think that in the first week of January there was hardly any snow. I remember one day I was coming home from work and I said to my Friend " you know what? I really don't think we are going to have a winter this year!! " BOY was I mistaken. On Monday night, Feb. 19th, Its starting to get very bad out around say.. 4ish.. The city was literally shut down by around 7!! Even Wendy's was closed! So our car had a little bit of transmission trouble. Dale was bringing to car over to the shop and it got stuck on the street in front of our house. I was so worried it was going to get buried or nailed by the fuckers known as the people who drive the plows for the city of St. John's!! Luckily the shop our car was going into said they would come tow it for us!! ( luckily also covered under the Warranty!) Well.. it snowed all night and I loved it!! Being inside, cuddled up with a blanket and just knowing that you can't go out anywhere!! But its the next morning that I don't like.. waking up to darkness, knowing you have to shovel your way out of 40 feet of snow before getting to road!! Because our car was in the shop the entire driveway filled in.. its literally up to my neck.. We just shoveled a path to the road and decided to wait until today to make space for the car. Its nuts!! The damn plow pushed about half of the snow back in the path now.. I hate those bastards. I told dale that I was going to push the snow back into the road and he said apparently you can get in shit for doing that!! ??? like really.. they can drive by in a warm tractor and push mountains of snow in your driveway that you struggled for hours to clear, in cold temperatures, so windy that every shovel load that you throw gets whipped back in your face!! Not only that... the snow that they push back in is hard, icy, dirty, heavy snow that is impossible to shovel. Yet I would get " in trouble" for putting snow in the road.. Those plow drivers don't care any more than the prick that speeds past you in a rainstorm, showering you with a puddle of mass size!! I would love for one of those city workers to wake up with their entire house covered in snow!! put all the snow that is sitting in the Avalon Mall parking lot on top of their property! Maybe I shouldn't be so angry at the city workers.. but perhaps "MY WORSHIP" Andy Wells!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Remembering Anna Nicole

Remember Anna Nicole.. Not for the Trimspa, Not for the crappy ass reality show she had.. Not for the numerous boob flashes on award shows, not for the old grandpa she married, not for the slurring of sentences, not for the movie "skyscraper", not for the paternity battle.. but perhaps maybe for being a normal person who just has a series of unfortunate events happen in her life.. ( like for one.. hiring Howard K. Stern..

It really ticks me off when I turn on the TV and they are playing some crappy clip of her reality show, talking about her drug addictions, Showing Fat ass Pics of her at her heaviest, and not really talking about any good things.. The woman is Dead right?? Lay off.. I watched the Comedy Central " Roasting" of Pam Anderson on Saturday night and I know it was filmed quite a while ago ( it was fucking funny) but there were alot of Anna Nicole Jokes.. and she was in the audience.. they showed her and she was giving Jimmy Kimmel the Finger. I felt guilty.. Just Laughing at an old joke.. It seems really too soon to Make jokes. .. I mean.. I didn't feel bad to laugh at the crack they made at Courtney Love.. something along the lines of " not thinking anyone could look as bad as Kurt Cobain" I mean.. its been 13 years.. I can now Laugh at that.. but its way to early for me.. And I wasn't really an Anna Nicole Fan!! I just have a heart!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Perez Drew??

So its been a week since I last posted. Sounds like I have been busy. Not really just not sure what to write about. My mind must be fried...

I have been looking at sites such as perez hilton and others for so long and I think they are sooo funny. My friend Cara and I used to make funny little collages for each other back in college and Perez reminds me so much of the stuff we used to do. What we would do is get a picture of ourselves or someone else, center the photo, and then cut out funny pictures, ugly guys, hot chicks etc.. from magazines and post them around the photo and write funny little captions.. I still have a very funny one that Cara did for me. It was called. " If i was Nadine's man what would I do for her" .. or something along those lines.. it was brilliant!!

Last night we were talking about that we should do our own version of perez hilton!! I think most people probably wouldn't get it.!! ( we're pretty fucked up right!!) I don't think we would be as insulting as perez.. however the humar might be a little hard to get if your not down with the Caper/Newfie lingo..

Here's my shot at it!!! hehehe

Little Gucci Alien

Posh Spice

ok.. I am sorry.. but I think this girl is Nasty.. Probably cause my daughter had a posh doll and naked with just out of the tub hair, trust me.. It was nasty.. she looks so alien like.. no wonder Tom lets Katie run around with her.. I used this photo because its one of the rare Posh Smiling pic.. I would Be grinning ear to ear 24/7.. with Beck waiting home for me!!!

Brokeback KD

Its a good look for her.....just like it was a good look for los lobos??

Drip Drip... Squish??

Thats the sound of... the caterpillars crawling across Clays forehead.. nice brows!! Like who is this guys trying to kid.. I don't care how man makeovers this guys gets he still screams GEEK.. I think he's a perfect combination of Ron Howard, Micheal Dukakis and Fido Dido!! I Would kill to
see that performance he did of unchained melody again.. " I NEEEEEEEEEEED your love" ... that face on him!!!!! hahahahah

Texas toast with extra butter

There is nothing I hate more than those set up hot shots.. like.. standing in front of a green screen, covered in chicken oil and sprayed down with orange Halloween hairspray look. Jessica Simpson trying to look sexy just doesn't fly with me.. Give it, the girl pretty much has the perfect body and great hair( and chops on her like Mr. Ed), but those kind of pics don't work for me now that I have seen her reality show.. Fart'n and Burping and scratching her ass around the house. and what with the diabetes pendant?? another endorsement??

Oh.. and here is Jessica's mom.. er I mean grandma.. I mean.. Mr. Ed's other daughter...

Faith Hill...

Paula of the Idol

Ok.. anyone see Planet of the Apes??? It's funny that Mark Wahlberg hasn't tried to hook up with Ms. Simon Cowell because Holy Shit.. does she ever look like the Female ape that he bangs in Planet of the apes.. oh.. and this is what she looks like without makeup

Rainbow Fright

Really.. the girl needs a little color don't you think..she might stand out a little more

Eva.. Plain

yes.. plain Eva, extra eye bags, stash, throw on a few blemishes around the hairline and you got... A regular girl!!Really.. does she look that different.. ummm.. .lets see...

She might want to also watch out for Marky Mark!!

Dirty Screech...seriously??

Ok.. its ok for Pam and Tommy, Paris, god.. even the guy from Creed.. but Screech??? NO.. thats just wrong.. and that he lets the chick take a crap and uses it to draw a moustache on her??? whats with that?? I haven't seen it but I have heard about his whole " dirty Sanchez" move?? For the love of god.. I liked him a lot better when he was just a geek in love with a turtle!!

Ok.. Thats my go at it!!! I had alot of interuptions so I wasn't very focused.. I'll do better next time..

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stephenville.. Not just an old mill and a co-op!!

I grew up in Stephenville.. Most people who visit there say it sucks and I hate that attitude. Its a cool diverse place. Most people say it sucks without even being there. They compare it to Gander, Grand falls.. all the other so called "big" centers in Newfoundland. Now.. I know if I grew up in st. john's my whole life and then went to Stephenville, I would probably think the place was hole/dive/skeetsville too. But growing up there with good friends was good.. I mean.. it sucked only having Reitmans and Eclipse to shop for girls clothes. But just a 50 minute drive and we had Corner Brook. I am going to Make a list of the top reasons why I think Stephenville is cool!!!!( and also why you should go there for a visit.. perhaps during the weeks July 22-August 4.. Come Home Year. Get to see Stephenville at it's best!!

Stephenville... ugly???? Really?

Top 10 Reasons I think Stephenville is Cool

1) Stephenville has a very Large arts community. Lots of Musicians and Artists. You can go to a bar on most nights in Stephenville and there will be local stephenville musicians playing there. They don't have to get bands from other places.. there are enough right there in town!!

2) It doesn't really have that "Outport" feel.. You don't see boats and shacks unless you want to. you can go down to Port Harmon and see all that. Some people will say that they don't like that about Stephenville..Thats it's not like the rest of Newfoundland. I guess its like that because of the American Influence back in the day!!

3) DOMINO PIZZA HOUSE. Not the chain.. the local Domino pizza house.. but as us stephenvillians call it.. "DOMINO's" The restaurant was opened several years ago by a gentleman named Claude Estoppey. Back in the 80's the Big Chain Domino's sued Mr. Estoppey for a large figure for copyright reasons.. Turns out Mr. Estoppey's business was opened about 10 years before the Big Chain!!! He counter sued for twice as much for his troubles and Domino the big chain had to add the 's to their name. They make the best subs and pizza's.. I would recommend the Large all meat, extra cheese with green peppers.. although the "combination" is a town favorite.. its also DIRT cheap.. try.. $7 for a large pizza with 5 toppings..!!! and its not like the big dirty street pizza's you get in st. john's. .they make a nice clean, easy to eat pizza!!

4) There is a Downtown!! Unlike most communities and towns in Newfoundland that only have little shops and convenience stores.. We have a Main Street. That has Banks (4) Restaurants, Bakeries, Local Businesses, Tims, Furniture stores, Florists, Cafe's and of course.. a local hangout " The Food Center Parking lot" Thats the Car hangout.. "Arlims" ( big department store) Is the Pedestrian Hangout. There are also about 10 bars on Main Street. One that has been there for about 40 years or more. The brown derby. It is mostly known as a big skeet bar but lately has been coming around to a younger generation. Back when I was a teen you would see old men literally falling out of the bar at 2pm on a Monday afternoon.. or any other day. And the age group would be from 50-80!! Now its probably 19-80!!!

5) Famous Visitors!! The queen, Elvis, and even JD fortune!!( whahn waaahnn)Back in the day when the base was open Elvis actually played in Stephenville. And then.. In 1997's season of the Stephenville Theatre Festival an aspiring actor Jason Dean Played the part of elvis in the Elvis show " are you lonesome tonight" Turns out It was JD fortune.. hahahah My husbands band jammed with him at clancey's.. of course he wanted to do Elvis tunes.. Pretty funny.

6) Scenic Spots!! If you were in Stephenville you probably are thinking.. "thats the ugliest town I ever been in". Well the town itself isn't the most wonderful looking town around but there are several little hideaways you can go to. Stephenville in nestled in the middle of The bay st. George area. There are so many little communities around, excellent swimming spots, camp grounds, trails, mountains, beaches and other little secret spots that are really fun to find. One time a group of my friends and I decided to hike over Indian Head. Once we got over to the other side we found the most beautiful rolling hills of the greenest grass I ever saw!! and a little secluded beach at the bottom that was surrounded by mountains. No litter, no people.. it was gorgeous.

7) Check Day! Stephenville, like I said in my last paragraph, Is surrounded my little communities. The unemployment rate in these areas ( just an educated guess) is around 90%. So on the 1st and 15th of every month Stephenville is literally a circus of sorts. You will see a large yellow bus parked outside of the food center and all sorts of characters getting off to go shopping or to the bar or whatever. When I was a kid I hated going to the mall or anything around these times but as I got older I enjoyed the entertainment of it. People swearing very loud, 100's of people outside the foodcenter smoking with there babies in their lap, accents like you never thought possible, and for sure you would see at least 10 kids getting a smack on the ass!! We used to call it "child abuse at the mall" day!! Now as I got into my 20's and worked in the costumer service industry I would really hate check day.. cause I would have to be dealing with these people swearing at me, watch them swear at their kids for touching say, the interact machine. . . and people that really, frankly.. stank!!! I know this sounds mean.. But I am from Stephenville so Its OK for me to bitch about it!! hahaha 8) Jesus lives in Stephenville. The weirdo's. I know every town has their local town weirdo.. but whats cool about Stephenville is they have many. So many that we made a book of them. Now not all of these town weirdo's are known to everyone, but Say, 50% of the book are well known. Well there was Mosey byrnes.. who for some reason people outside of Stephenville call Mosey Murrin. He was the only Homeless person that I ever heard of in Stephenville. He would go around with a wheel barrel containing his belongings and go house to house looking for food. Also there is Jesus. He would ride his bike around town and scare the shit out people. For years no one knew if he was dangerous or now.. I was scare to death of him!! Sometimes he would be wearing old 70's clothes, other times- just a speedo!! Then there is Ronnie, The bag lady, The cat lady, Penny man, Gertie, Annie, $2 Nancy and Many Many others.. These all have been around since the 70's.!!

9) Bars.. And Lots of them.. Stephenville has more bars per capita than say.. George street.. Ok.. thats a bit of an exaggeration. Ok.. so on Main street alone there is The Royal, Brown Derby, 104 Main, The Redwood, The Club, Paddy's pub, The Dragonfly, The Bar( same owner as the club???? really!) Then there is Clanceys, Razoolies, Jacobs, The Santa Maria Club, Westside Charlies, The legion( 2 bars in one) and The Silverdollar. Then if you count all the bars that are in Hotels there is Emiles Pub, Keyano, Hotel Stephenville lounge. Alot of Bars for a Small town.

10) Drives around the Peninsula. The Port au Port Peninsula is just about 20 minutes from Stephenville. There is nothing I love better than Getting out of town and down into the country. There are so many little communities down there. You can also find a lot of good hiking trials and swimming spots. You will see big yellow school buses with curtains parked in yards being used as makeshift homes, Mulit-colored houses, Bizarre Lawn Ornaments, and all kinds of other sites. You really get that Newfoundland feel down there.. but it's still not really Outport-ish. Also there is a Restaurant down around that way that serve a Mean poutine!!