Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Its been a while!!

Ok.. Lets break the ice..

I have been hiding.. well.. actually.. I have been busy.. started a new job within Education where I can't be online bloggin all day.. oh well.. in the last .. 8 months I have done alot.. Moved to a new great house, spent alot of time with friends.. watched friends have babies( literally) get married, reunite.. its been fun. I will try to blog each day but its really hard when I feel like there is no one out there reading.! I need to make some blogger friends.. Im cool.. trust me..

So I have been checking out some local talent( literally once again) haha. . I have been pulled onto the honkey tonk train believe it or not. I have always had an interest in Blair Harvey's Music since I moved to St. John's but I recently got his CD and its really good.. Who would have thought? /me.. liking anything with harmonica's?/ besides spook..hahah. but I have checked him out solo and with dregs and I am a fan.. Worth Checking out.. I know.. Im a little slow.. but you know what im like for NOT jumping on bandwagons..