Tuesday, May 4, 2010

National Occupational Heath and Safety Week

So.. you've heard it a million times.. Diet Mumbo Jumbo!
I am no longer setting goals I cannot obtain. I am now headed for a lifestyle change! These are list of Objectives

1) Get a good nights rest
2) No Takeout!!!
3) No Soda
4) Team up with Competition!
5) Walk 1/2 hour during lunchtime
6) Run 2 days a week
7) No Alcohol ( once a month as a treat on a night out)
8) Drink 8 500ml Bottles of water per day
9) Hike Signal Hill once a week
10) Outdoor Activities with the Kids Once a week
11) Eat Breakfast
12) Pack Lunches
13) Set sight on the Goals when faced with Temptation
14) Lift Weights at home

These are some to start with. Also eating heathy at home, Staying Positive and looking onward to a heathly future!

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