Thursday, March 18, 2010


I wrote 10 New years resolutions for this year.. 10 for 2010

I did not keep any really.. here they are!

Lose Weight (gained)

Focus Better at work (so so)

Stop Chewing Nails (DID THAT)

Run once a week (I walk at least 10 miles a day around the office)
Not waste Money (hahahahha)

Save Money (capital HAHAHAH)

Not eat Take out(ate more take out then all last year so far)

Cool it on the diet pepsi ( thats so so as well)

Eat Healthy ( if alot means healthy.. i have)

Be Confident in ME (this i have worked on)

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mth0ma5 said...

Hey, there, Girl from the "ville". This is just a guy from the "Ville". Stephenville, that is. Texas. Cowboy capital of the world, and our bovines aren't the only ones here full of BS... Bluebonnets are in bloom, and the wisteria is gorgeous. Just wanted to say howdy. Have a great year...